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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

{Wordless-ish Wednesday} Go Seahawks!

Seahawks vs Rams
CenturyLink Stadium
October 7, 2018

It was an amazing experience to go watch the Seahawks play at CenturyLink Field. The energy of the stadium was explosive. The focus on the field was intense, the entire crowd was tuned in. I really enjoyed being so close to the players, you could see the sweat and hear the hits ricochet across the field. The Seahawks did not win this game, but it was close, coming down to the last minute. Still, it was a great game played by incredible athletes on both sides. This was my first NFL experience and I am so thankful for the opportunity because it went beyond any expectation.

Now it's time for some Wordless-ish Wednesday Fun!

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  1. Glad you enjoyed the experience. Sounds awesome!

  2. Very cool. That is a beautiful pic even for a Niners fan like myself. Thanks for hosting and I hope that you have a wonderful week.

  3. Amanda,

    Oh pAwesome a live football game! I've never been to a NFL or college game before but I think it would be so cool to photograph. :) Thanks for visiting and linking up today. Have a fototastic week!

  4. Sounded like you had a good time nice pics and smile heheh!

    Have a seahawkstastic week :-)

  5. I am from South Florida but the Seahawks are MY TEAM!!!!

    Thanks for sharing!!

    - Lisa

  6. Thanks for sharing, great pictures, lots of excitement!!

  7. That;s pretty cool you got to watch an NFL game. I only get to watch high school games. Haha. Still, pretty fun. It does get very thrilling at times. And the way the crowd gets to together to cheer is something short of beautiful. Isn't it?


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