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Welcome to Positive Practice Living. This is my positive place to take a minute and breathe. I share my thoughts and experiences as I try to understand the world around me. I am a writer, a yogi, a mother, a wife and so much more. I believe in the power of love and I struggle constantly to balance doing too much and then doing too little. I write about all of these things. I do what I can to intentionally find a little bit of inspiration in the everyday.

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Monday, April 16, 2018

{Poetry Corner} Ready, Steady, Safe

I am a rock --
Steady, Constant, Reliable,
A foundation to sit on.

Stable, Enduring, Set,
Yet I can be moved.
Hard, Firm, Solid,
Yet I can yield.

Throw me, Beat me,
Cast me in flames...
I endure your torment.

Remaining Steady
To hold your weight.
Safe, Reliable, Secure,
Able to bear your burden.

I cast no judgment,
I speak to no others,
yet I absorb your pain.

Certain, Constant, Steadfast,
Lean on me and rest --
Then go face the world again.


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Have an inspired day!


  1. I try and not cast judgement. I only wish more people were like that.

  2. It is hard. I wrote this poem about a week or so ago when I was feeling really strong and confident. I've had to look back at it several times since then to remember my own strength.

    Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts! I hope you have a wonderful week :)


Thanks for the lovely comment! I love to hear your thoughts.

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