Tuesday, February 27, 2018

{Poetry Corner} Ten Years

Photo by Azrul Aziz on Unsplash

This is a poem I wrote for my husband to celebrate our ten year wedding anniversary.

Ten Years

Ten years ago
the world was fanciful
Even my wildest dreams
can not compare
to the life I live with you

We met owning nothing
and not a care in the world
We’d both given up
on sharing this life with another
until we met each other

You spoke words of dedication
I listened, I believed
I spoke dreams of art
You imagined, You encouraged
Together we created

The kind of life we always wanted
we made our dreams reality
Through it all we grew
we changed, we matured

Ten years ago
I could not have imagined 
the life we have today
but I thank the Creator
for bringing me to you

Ten years from now
when our daughter is grown
I look forward to sitting by your side
continuing to create our life together
always and forevermore


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Have an inspired day!


  1. Amanda, that is beautiful! Thank you for sharing it with us.


  2. Beautiful poem beautiful picture!


Thanks for the lovely comment! I love to hear your thoughts.

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